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Matheo is a strong-willed and charming three-year-old boy. He was injured after a birth that did not go as planned. He has fought hard and bravely, and his development has been greater than what his doctors thought was possible. It is important that he now receives the best possible stimuli for further development (Matheo’s mother).

Clinical bakground

Matheo has dyskinetic cerebral palsy grade III, which means that does not have complete control over his muscles. He functions very well cognitively, is very social and keen to do what others do at his age. He therefore needs technical aids in his everyday life to achieve this.


Goals for sitting

Physiological goals: A wide base of support and a stabilized pelvis in a neutral position is essential to optimize position in the spine, neck, and head. It is also important to provide good working conditions in the shoulders to facilitate hand motor skills.

Functional goals: To facilitate fine motor tasks, it is important to have good posture and correct support for the whole body. Proper support also gives him more control over oral motor skills, which is important when eating and communicating. Matheo uses the communication tool ‘Babblarna’. It is important to have a table that both provides good support and that the figures are easy to get a hold of, and that they don’t slide off the table.



Matheo has a Jockey Plus for use in his kindergarten and another one in his home. The saddle seat provides a stable base of support. The hips come into a resting position and the open angle of the hips stabilizes the pelvis in a neutral position. This gives a natural curvature of the spine and neck, and his head is in midline. His shoulders are free to move which facilitates better hand motor skills. The table gives him good forearm support and the surrounding edge prevents toys and other learning materials from sliding off.

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