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Krabat Runner

The Krabat Runner is a combined kick bike and walking bike for children with disabilites from 3 years of age. The bike is set up with three wheels giving it great stability and making the aid safe to ride for the child.

The product comes with a detachable seat, transforming it from a walking bike to a kick bike. Both the seat and steering bar are height adjustable. The Krabat Runner has a foldable steering bar making it easy to transport.

Maximum user weight is 35 kg for size 1 and 70 kg for size 2.

Measurement A B C D E F G
Description Total length Total width Height steering bar Height seat Height foot platform Width steering bar Total height with push bar Tota weight with push bar Maximum user weight Age
Size 1 97 cm 64 cm 65 - 82 cm 43 - 58 cm 9 cm 49 cm 100 cm 7,4 kg 35 kg Approx. 3-8 år
Size 2 110 cm 67,5 cm 81-92 cm 53 - 71 cm 7,5 cm 49 cm 100 cm 11,3 kg 70 kg From 8 years and up

Krabat Runner

Item number 700-1114

Push bar

Item number 700-1110

Krabat Runner – kick bike for children with disabilities

The Krabat Runner is the newest addition to Krabat's line of products. The hybrid, both a kick bike and walking bike, is for children aged 4-8 years and was made to try to delete the boundaries between products for children with disabilities and children without disabilities.

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